How Can Yoga Help You Stay Fit?


How Can Yoga Help You Stay Fit?

Obesity is a major health concern in the world. According to a report, over 70 million adults in the US are obese, and 99 million are overweight. Excess fat in the body can cause several health problems. It does not affect a person physically but also adversely impacts an individual’s mental health. Studies show that people with obesity are more likely to suffer from mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and stress which can result in more stress eating as a coping mechanism. In such a condition, losing weight is important because excess fat can cause heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, cancers, and other life-threatening diseases. In order to lose weight effectively, yoga is the best practice for an overweight or obese person as it not only has physical benefits but also helps improve their mental health. Yoga is a common therapeutic practice and is essential to keep you fit physically and mentally. Here is how yoga enables you to maintain the health of your body, mind, and soul.

Avoid Emotional Eating with Yoga

Emotional or stress eating is a common coping mechanism for many people to relieve stress. It sometimes reduces stress, but it may cause several health problems. The solution to this problem is finding ways to relieve stress without overeating, which can happen with yoga. Yoga trains the mind to be present, and it also helps to calm the mind. It encourages mental and physical relaxation, ultimately reducing stress. When stress is reduced by healthier means, i.e., yoga, your body will no longer require stress eating.

Yoga Increases Muscle Mass and Improves Balance

Obesity causes muscle weakness, especially in older people. According to studies, people over 65 have a higher chance of falling and losing muscle mass if obese. Obesity can also cause leg weakness, resulting in the body losing balance. Yoga is the ultimate solution to these problems as it helps in increasing muscle mass and mastering the art of balance. In order to increase muscle mass, you can bring about mechanical damage by holding your poses for a longer period. This can help the muscle burn out while pushing your body towards fatigue and causing muscle fibers to stretch, causing cells to divide as they heal.

Lower Stress Levels and A Good Mood with Yoga

According to studies, yoga has proven to be beneficial in lowering stress hormones in our bodies. It also simultaneously increases brain chemicals called endorphins and GABA, known as the happy chemicals, as they help improve mood and decrease anxiety.

Burn Calories with Yoga

Certain yoga positions can help you burn calories and lose fat. Certain types of yoga help burn fat, for instance, Bikram yoga which is often regarded as intense and energy-burning yoga because of the heated room. Another type of yoga that helps burn calories is Vinyasa, which requires more energy.

Self-Awareness in Yoga Can Lead You to Healthy Eating

The primary purpose of yoga is to become more aware of yourself. When an individual’s self-awareness increases, eating behavior changes can be witnessed. According to a report, people who consistently practice yoga tend to add healthier food items to their diets and avoid eating food items that are harmful to their health. 


We all have heard the phrase, ‘good things take time’ when it comes to yoga; you need to be patient and consistent as weight loss and changing habits may take some time. The results are worth the wait and effort, as yoga may be the ultimate key to all your health problems. Adding yoga practices to daily routines has proven to be a life-altering decision in people’s lives. It has helped them in various ways. It relaxes and provides peace, along with ensuring the health of your overall well-being. If you are looking for easier ways to lose weight, practicing yoga is the ultimate solution.

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